Yaara Ve Review: Brings laughter & tears at the same time

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Today, we are going to review the movie Yaara Ve. Yaara Ve is a story of 3 best friends who have been shown before the partition of 1947. These 3 friends don’t worry about race, caste, religion, etc.

Yaara Ve Review

A special set had been made so that the period of 1947 could look real. Then, how do they have get separated is all about the movie. The 3 friends have been played by Gagan Kokri, Yuvraj Hans & Raghveer Boli. The 3 characters being played are Gagan as Buta, Yuvraj as Taneja & Raghveer as Kishna.

The scenes of partition have been well shown which will look real who have faced the tragedy of 1947. The trailer also has a cycle scene which teaches us that we should not be superstitious.

1st half of the movie was a little slow. Scenes were a bit long. The scenes should have been short & crisp. Also in the 1st half, more work on sound designing should have been done.

2nd half of the movie will give you a mixture of emotions. The partition scenes could have been shown a little better. These emotions could make a person numb but tears won’t flow. Some have liked the movie some have not. People were reminded of the heinous past. Some have laughed & some have cried after watching the movie.

The cinematography of the movie was very good. Director Rakesh Mehta’s hard work has shown. We also got to see many wide shots in the movie. It also shows that whatever the director wanted to show he has mostly come out trumps.

The star cast also includes Palli Sandhu, Nirmal Rishi, Yograj Singh, Sardar Sohi, etc. Gagan’s role in this movie is far better than his debut movie ’Laatu’. After a long time, Yuvraj is back in Pollywood. Raghveer has outshined himself in this movie.

All Yaara Ve movie songs are very nice. These songs entertain us throughout the movie. Most of Punjabi people know about the horror of 1947. To feel the pain of partition one should must watch this movie.

Will these 3 friends meet each other again?

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