Yaara Ve Movie Could Play Peace between India-Pakistan

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Official Poster of Punjabi Movie Yaara Ve Launched

Yaara Ve is a movie that is the need of the hour for both India & Pakistan. In this big tension, this movie could be provided as a relief for both these countries.

The star cast of the movie includes Gagan Kokri, Yuvraj Hans, Monica Gill & Raghveer Boli. Gagan’s last movie was Laatu(2018). Yuvraj has done movies like Yaar Annmulle, Burrraahh, Proper Patola, Lahoriye, Viyah 70 Km & Pinky Moge Wali. Monica’s last movie was Paltan(Bollywood) & Sat Shri Akal England(Pollywood). Raghveer’s last movie was Laavaan Phere. Yaara Ve has been directed by Rakesh Mehta. Rakesh has done movies like Vaapsi(2016) & Rang Panjab(2018). Yaara Ve will release on 5th April 2019. Yaara Ve will be a period drama. The stories the director has heard from his grandparents have put it on a big screen.

Official Poster of Punjabi Movie Yaara Ve LaunchedIt is a story of 3 friends who live in Lahore(now in Pakistan). Their names are Buta, Kishan & Nizamat urf Neza. All are in their 20’s. They have selfless love & immense bonding. Their respective families live in great harmony since ages. There is a beautiful turn when Naseebo enters Buta’s life during his sister’s marriage. The other friends Kishan & Neza help Buta & Naseebo to triumph their love.

Yaara Ve will take you in the world of true friendship & sacred love. News of Partition breaks in the middle of the celebration night. Hindus & Sikhs of the village are left with no choice but to leave Amritsar immediately. In this time of chaos, true friendship stands out. Yaara Ve is not just 1 story but during the time of partition, there were many stories. It clarifies that even if there are boundaries between the countries true friendship remains undivided.

In this hour of ‘We Want War’ this movie could balm their frustrated souls & that the real fight is against terrorism not the people of Pakistan or India.War doesn’t do anything good for anyone. The artillery used will leave generations scarred for life. Each country, today posesses the deadliest of weapons that are sure to finish masses in one go. Let’s all stand up for peace. A war against terrorism but let the sane minds do the talking. We stand for peace!

Details of Yaara Ve Movie

Star cast: Gagan Kokri, Yuvraj Hans, Monica Gill & Rahgveer Boli.
Director: Rakesh Mehta
Release Date: 5th April 2019

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