Yaar belly movie review – Trailer, Starcast & Story

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The movie ‘Yaar Belly’ has released. We will talk about its review. This movie stars Dev Kharoud & Sabby Suri in lead roles.

Dev Kharoud:

Dev Kharoud last movies like Rupinder Gandhi, Rupinder Gandhi 2 & Dakuaan Da Munda were very big hits. Dev didn’t come out trumps in the movie this time might be due to the weak screenplay.
The movie is presented by Living dreams entertainment. The movie is directed, story & screenplay has been done by Sukhjinder Singh. The movie is produced by Vinay Jindal.This line relates to the movie ‘kaun pucche dhiyaan de haal nu je turr jaan jag toun maavan’.

Sabby Suri:

Sabby Suri is shown as without parents & has grown by his Uncle-Aunt’s(Taaya-Taayi’s) cruelty. She just hopes when her right time will come & when she would be able to live a normal life like other girls. Then in her life, Dev Kharoud enters. Dev says that he will give all happiness to Sabby. Sabby’s acting was also not up to the mark. In fact, the friends of Sabby acted far better than her.
But the route of love is not easy. What comes in their way & how do they get through it is the story of the film.

Sukhjinder Singh:

Sukhjinder Singh has looked expressionless in the movie & while delivering dialogues. Sukhjinder Singh didn’t take the responsibilities he should have as a director. The story idea of the movie was good but the screenplay lacked. That is one of the reasons Dev’s acting in this movie was not up to the mark.

Supporting actors:

The acting of supporting actors has been liked rather than lead actors. The star cast also included Karamjit Anmol, BN Sharma & Nisha Bano. Karamjit Anmol & BN Sharma’s comic roles were nice. But they could have been avoided for this film. Both Karamjit & BN had just one scene with Dev & that too was also not needed.

Action scenes:

Action scenes looked so artificial. Surender Sharma was in charge of the action. Even after having Dev by his side, Surender was unable to make the action shots up to the mark.

Comedy scenes:

There are some comedy scenes in the movie. 1 character you will find who would remind us of the legendary Mehr Mittal. The movie is such that people who are over 40 would like this movie.


Graphics of the movie are quite outdated. You would know this at the start of the movie itself.

Backgroud music:

The background music is very mediocre as it can be heard in any Youtube video or serial. And it has been put in scenes in which they aren’t required.


Even the lights used in the background while shooting can be seen in the movie which is not right. That was even making the proper shots of the movie looking bad. This blame must go to the DOP Jatender Sairaj.

Songs of the movie:

Songs of the movie were nice but they weren’t put in the right places. Even there wasn’t any need of songs. Only one song was in place & also related to the movie was Nachhatar Gill’s ‘sukiyaan rukhan te’.

Message of the movie:

The movie does give a message to all women but that too also wasn’t properly conveyed.
This movie could have been better if the screenplay & direction of the movie would have been better.

Why title of ‘Yaar Belly’: Why was this movie named ‘yaar belly’ this is a thing we didn’t understood at all. There was no sense of any friendship in the movie.

Rating: This movie deserves only 1 star.

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