Punjabi Movie Gidarh Singhi Review & Rating – Jordan Sandhu, Rubina Bajwa

Punjabi Movie Gidarh Singhi Review & Rating – Jordan Sandhu, Rubina Bajwa

Punjabi Movie Gidarh Singhi has released & we are here with its review. Gidarh Singhi stars Jordan Sandhu, Rubina Bajwa, Ravinder Grewal, Karn Mehta, Saanvi Dhiman, Prince Kanwaljit, Gurmeet Saajan, Malkeet Rauni, Seema Kaushal & Vijay Tandon. The movie has been directed by Vipin Parashar & the movie is produced by Dreamspark Movies.

Jordan’s last movie was Kala Shah Kala (2019) opposite Sargun Mehta. Rubina’s last movie was Nanka Mel (2019) opposite Rosshan Prince.

Gidarh Singhi Review

The story of the movie goes like this: Bittu (Jordan Sandhu) & Lucky (Karn Mehta) are brothers & they own a roadside dhaba. They want it to become successful so that their needs are fulfilled but destiny has a different plan for them. Bittu is also an aspiring singer. His vocals are recorded by a record label but passed onto another singer. This singer is Satti (Ravinder Grewal) who is extremely influential. Will Bittu be able to tell that the vocals Satti is using are his? Also, will Bittu & Lucky be able to solve their financial problems?

Gidarh Singhi Starcast Review

In this movie, the characters are announced one by one which grabs attention. In the 1st few reels of the movie, Jordan’s problems & helplessness are shown to make it right for the family. Gidarh Singhi’s 1st half is packed with light-hearted comedy. Jordan & Grewal’s conversation are hilarious & fictitious. We also get entertained by the love stories between Jordan-Rubina & Karn-Saanvi. The story gains pace in the 2nd half as the brothers finally struck a deal for their dhaba. There is another challenge awaiting them. The story takes a turn when Ravinder falls in love with Rubina. In the end, all the characters are gathered together.

Jordan has given a very good performance in the movie. His performance is apt & he suits in his role. Ravinder looks perfect as an inspiring singer who doesn’t have enough talent.

Gidarh Singhi Story Review

The movie loses its focus midway. The film gets confusing with many plots being played. The movie has been made without proper knowledge. The direction in the movie is very bad. The screenplay is very weak & editing has many continuity jumps. This movie has been made which is far from reality.

For the lovely performances by Jordan & Ravinder & also the good music, you should watch this movie. Also, some comic punches that sets this movie apart.

Gidarh Singhi Trailer & Rating

Do watch the trailer of Gidarh Singhi movie once more:

We at attmanoranjan.com give this movie 2.5 stars.

Movie Review: 15 lakh kadon aauga dekho sach ke jhooth

Movie Review: 15 lakh kadon aauga dekho sach ke jhooth

We are out with a review of another movie 15 lakh kadon aauga. The movie is based on the story that once a particular government promised 15 lakhs each to Indians. Read out 15 lakh kadon aauga movie review.

The movie takes on from there where people are waiting for their promised amounts.

This movie is a comic tale of events that happened in the past & myths that politicians made us believe in. Ravinder Grewal & Pooja Verma are in the lead roles.

Dil Bhangre Paugaa 15 Lakh kadon Aauga

The movie also stars Hobby Dhaliwal, Malkeet Rauni, Gurpreet Bhangu, Jaswant Singh Rathoud, Khiyali, Sukhdev Barnala, Ajay Jethi, Sukhwinder Kaur, Jaswinder Makrauna & Ikkatar Singh, etc.

The movie has been directed by Manpreet Brar. He has done an awesome work. The movie has been presented by Friday Russh Motion Pictures.

Ravinder(Jaswinder Singh aka Jassi) makes a living by committing small cons. He encounters a fake baba(a type of priest), he gets an idea of how to make large sums of money by becoming a Godman. He manages to convince some people & soon villagers turn into his devotees. He commits 15 lakhs to each villager. His plan backfires as he along with other villagers realize that getting 15 lakhs was just a myth.

15 lakh kadon aauga has its heart in the right place. The issue raised in the movie is known by all. Thus, there is an instant connect with the audience. The movie speaks about the mindset, preparations & steps wrongly taken by people who want money in their accounts.

The scenes in the starting give us smile as Jassi plays cons mostly harmless to earn a living. His nagging wife & cheerful kid are the only ones he wants to keep happy. The real story comes when he accidentally when he reaches a village where he is misinterpreted as a baba. Then comes some hilarious situations that are thrown away. The interval comes at the right time as the audience are eager to watch how Jassi would be able to mend things.

The 2nd part of the movie is a bit serious than the 1st part. The gear shifts smoothly after Jassi realizes that the politician’s promises were false. He goes to the higher authorities but all in vain. The plot is apt which leaves us thinking about what would’ve happened to hundreds of families like Jassi’s.

15 Lakh Kadon Aauga Trailer

15 Lakh Kadon Aauga Review & Rating

Ravinder has done a very nice job in 15 lakh kadon aauga. He is a seasoned actor & that shows in his acting. His talent can be seen as he gets into the role of baba perfectly. Pooja has looked decent in the movie. The work of Hobby Dhaliwal, Malkeet Rauni, Gurpreet Bhangu, Seema Kaushal, Jaswant Rathore, Khiyali & Ajay Jethi are first rate.

The makers of 15 lakh kadon aauga wanted to make this movie a comedy out of a serious business. Many things are right about the movie only at some places the movie lacks punches. This is a must for Punjabi movies. The movie could have had a better climax. The editing work, sound designing & camera work hasn’t been done properly.

This movie is an honest film made with the right intentions. This movie doesn’t malign anyone’s image. It shows the happiness of Indians when they realize that they would get 15 lakh each & also the misery they have to face when they showed dependency on that money. It is a must watch for the work Ravinder Grewal has done. The music of the movie is also very fine.

We at attmanoranjan.com give it a 3.5 star.

Punjabi Movie Trailer: 15 Lakh Kadon Aauga?

Punjabi Movie Trailer: 15 Lakh Kadon Aauga?

We are here to review the trailer of 15 Lakh Kadon Aauga. This movie stars Ravinder Grewal & Pooja Verma. This movie will provide a lot of entertainment & lots of comedy. Ravinder’s last movie was ‘Dangar Doctor Jelly(2017). Pooja’s last movie was Dakuan Da Munda(2018). This movie was a big hit.

This is a question that Ravinder asks ki 15 Lakh Kadon Aauga? The trailer is giving a fresh feel to the audience. This type of subject hasn’t been touch before. The trailer starts with the introduction of Jaswinder Singh which is given by his son & he is telling about his profession. He also says that his father wears a very neat turban. In the next scene, he has no fix profession.

One day, his future prediction becomes right. After that, he takes the profession of the future teller. Many people from far away come to take his prediction & blessings. Thus, he collects a lot of cash.

He also promises that if his party wins the election he will distribute 15-15 lakh to each voter. All the voters are dreaming about money & what will they do with that money. The tagline of the movie is:

15 lakh kadon aauga
Dil khushi vich bakre bulaoga
15 lakh kadon aauga.

Now, the million dollar question arises ‘15 lakh kadon aauga?’.

The rest of the star cast also includes Hobby Dhaliwal, Malkeet Rauni, Yaad Grewal, Gurpreet Bhangu, Ajay Jethi, Jaswant Rathore, etc. This movie is directed by Manpreet Brar. He has directed movies like Mr. & Mrs. 420(2014) & Arjan(2017). This movie is produced by Rrupali Gupta.

This movie is made under the banner of Friday Russh Motion Pictures.

If you haven’t watched the trailer of 15 Lakh Kadon Aaunga movie, then click here:

The movie will release on 10th May 2019.

Details of 15 Lakh Kadon Aauga Movie

Star Cast: Ravinder Grewal, Pooja Verma, Hobby Dhaliwal, Malkeet Rauni, Yaad Grewal, Gurpreet Bhangu, Ajay Jethi, Jaswant Rathore, etc
Director: Manpreet Brar
Producer: Rrupali Gupta
Release Date: 10th May 2019