Punjabi Movie Gidarh Singhi Review & Rating – Jordan Sandhu, Rubina Bajwa

Punjabi Movie Gidarh Singhi Review & Rating – Jordan Sandhu, Rubina Bajwa

Punjabi Movie Gidarh Singhi has released & we are here with its review. Gidarh Singhi stars Jordan Sandhu, Rubina Bajwa, Ravinder Grewal, Karn Mehta, Saanvi Dhiman, Prince Kanwaljit, Gurmeet Saajan, Malkeet Rauni, Seema Kaushal & Vijay Tandon. The movie has been directed by Vipin Parashar & the movie is produced by Dreamspark Movies.

Jordan’s last movie was Kala Shah Kala (2019) opposite Sargun Mehta. Rubina’s last movie was Nanka Mel (2019) opposite Rosshan Prince.

Gidarh Singhi Review

The story of the movie goes like this: Bittu (Jordan Sandhu) & Lucky (Karn Mehta) are brothers & they own a roadside dhaba. They want it to become successful so that their needs are fulfilled but destiny has a different plan for them. Bittu is also an aspiring singer. His vocals are recorded by a record label but passed onto another singer. This singer is Satti (Ravinder Grewal) who is extremely influential. Will Bittu be able to tell that the vocals Satti is using are his? Also, will Bittu & Lucky be able to solve their financial problems?

Gidarh Singhi Starcast Review

In this movie, the characters are announced one by one which grabs attention. In the 1st few reels of the movie, Jordan’s problems & helplessness are shown to make it right for the family. Gidarh Singhi’s 1st half is packed with light-hearted comedy. Jordan & Grewal’s conversation are hilarious & fictitious. We also get entertained by the love stories between Jordan-Rubina & Karn-Saanvi. The story gains pace in the 2nd half as the brothers finally struck a deal for their dhaba. There is another challenge awaiting them. The story takes a turn when Ravinder falls in love with Rubina. In the end, all the characters are gathered together.

Jordan has given a very good performance in the movie. His performance is apt & he suits in his role. Ravinder looks perfect as an inspiring singer who doesn’t have enough talent.

Gidarh Singhi Story Review

The movie loses its focus midway. The film gets confusing with many plots being played. The movie has been made without proper knowledge. The direction in the movie is very bad. The screenplay is very weak & editing has many continuity jumps. This movie has been made which is far from reality.

For the lovely performances by Jordan & Ravinder & also the good music, you should watch this movie. Also, some comic punches that sets this movie apart.

Gidarh Singhi Trailer & Rating

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We at attmanoranjan.com give this movie 2.5 stars.