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Jobanpreet SinghMandy Takhar starrer movie Saak has released & we are out with Saak movie review. This is the 1st time Jobanpreet & Mandy are paired with one another. Jobanpreet has been shown as a soldier in this movie.

Saak Movie Review

The whole village hides his identity from people from outside the village. This movie has been directed by Kamaljit Singh.

Saak movie has been shown as of an old Punjab of somewhat between 1965 & 1970. The story revolves around a soldier Karam Singh (Jobanpreet Singh) who falls in love with a girl Chann Kaur (Mandy Takhar). Chann is from another village & Karam makes all the efforts to turn it into a marriage. Chann is ready but what stands against Karam that he is in the Army. Chann’s father doesn’t allow her to marry a member of the military. But one thing that we don’t know why does Chann’s father hates a member of the military for his daughter? This is the main story of the movie revolves around. The climax of the movie is predictable & less exciting.

The vintage Punjabi culture has been shown. What they have shown in the movie are: the village people, simple people, the etiquettes & nuisance of that time, plain clothes, houses of mud, rituals & ceremonies, etc. The movie has been dragged a bit. The dialogues & acting in the movie is also very standard. Jobanpreet’s role & lover is worth appreciable. Jobanpreet has carried this movie on his shoulders. He has done well & will do good in the future.

Together Jobanpreet & Mandy’s chemistry on the big screen lacks. Mandy hasn’t done well in this movie as she usually does. The others have justified their roles somewhat. They have been strong pillars of the movie. Dilawar Sidhu, out of all of them has shined the most.

Mukul Dev’s role has been praised. The background music of the movie has been appreciated. We at, give this movie a 4 star. This movie doesn’t bore us at all & it is a family movie. This movie gives us a good lesson and is a must watch.

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