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This friday another movie that came apart from Tara Mira was Unni Ikki. The lead roles in the movie have been played by Jagjeet Sandhu & Sawan Rupowali. This is mainly a story relating to friendship.

The movie also stars Karamjit Anmol, Nirmal Rishi, Lucky Dhaliwal & the talented little artist Sameep Singh. The movie has been produced by Amandeep Singh Sandhu, Kaypee Gill, Navneet Singh, Abha Kathuria Kohli & Vipul Kamboj. The movie has been made under the banner of Ghaint Singh Entertainment, Running Break Productions & KP Motion Pictures.

Here also audience has loved the movie. The story of the movie is different from others as it is fresh. The makers of the movie have done justice to their characters. This can be termed as Sawan’s best role till now. Nirmal Rishi’s eyes & dialogues in the movie says a lot. Karamjit is at his very best. Parkash Gandhu’s role has also been praiseworthy. They have praised the actors one by one as they all are theatre artists. Both directors Livtar Singh & Kaypee Gill have done a commendable job especially the role given to the different artists. But there is one exception i.e. role played by Sawan’s father Gurchet Chitrakaar who seemed to be disconnected in the movie.

When we talk about the technical part of the movie, the drone shots have been taken it adds more efficiency to cinematography but the handy shots taken are weak. The DI or color correction needs more improvement. Also the background score or music needs more work. This would have raised the level of the movie. All these things are due to the budget of the movie & also taken into account as this movie is the first for all the producers. The screenplay of the movie was good.

It is a story about Jagjeet who’s famous in college. The twist comes when his love Sawan’s marriage has been fixed with an NRI. Then to confuse all they do a trick on the dates of nineteen-twenty one (19-21). For rest, you have to catch the movie in theatres.

This movie didn’t do much publicity maybe because this movie didn’t have huge stars. This movie will also give you a social message that it is never wise to run away & marry.

Relive the trailer of Unni Ikki Movie once again

At attmanoranjan.com we give this movie a 2 star.

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