It is time for another movie review & we will review about Teri Meri Jodi. This movie has been written & directed by Aditya Sood. He had earlier given us Oye Hoye Pyaar Hogeya.

Teri Meri Jodi Review

Teri Meri Jodi movie stars Sammy Gill, King B Chauhan, Monica Sharma, Nazia, Jazzy Lee, Yograj Singh, Rana Jung Bahadur, Gopi Bhalla, etc. There are also special appearances from Victor Yograj Singh (younger son of Yograj Singh) & Sidhu Moosewala.

There are 3 love stories going on at the same time. These are the stories of Daani & Roop, Manzu & Pari. The 3rd one will be revealed in Teri Meri Jodi 2. They must fight cultural ideas & beliefs of their loved ones & they can stay together. The film will showcase the journey of the evolution of relationships within already established cultural ideas.

The love story of King B Chauhan & Canadian girl whom he lost due to his lies & now to pacify him his father’s grandfather narrates him the story of his grandfather Sammy Gill which is a story of the period time,

King B Chauhan looks very loud in his role as he has done overacting in some places & overconfident. Sammy Gill is fine in his acting. Jazzy Lee who is playing the role of a Canadian girl speaks very cute Punjabi. Monica is average in acting. Yograj Singh has been below average in this movie.

One good thing about the movie is that it deals against the system of dowry. The music of the movie is also good.

If you want to see the movie because of Sidhu Moosewala, think again. As his role is only in a dream sequence & only has 1 dialogue in it.

The start of the movie is very weak as it will make you realize that neither this movie is a comedy nor emotional but it is torture. It is better for you to go for asleep. The movie is old fashioned & in adding something into the movie the story has been ruined.

The camerawork of the movie is good, editing is poor & the direction is weak. Art director seems to be missing.

We at gives this movie a half star.

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