It is another friday & we are here with Kitty Party movie review. The movie Kitty Party stars Navv Bajwa & Kainaat Arora in lead roles. They are well supported by Gurpreet Ghuggi, Jaswinder Bhalla, Harby Sangha, Upsana Singh, Rana Ranbir, Neelu Kohli, Manni Boparai, Anita Devgan, Satwant Kaur, Preeto & Surinder Bath. The movie has been directed by Navv Bajwa himself. The movie has been produced by Jagjit Singh Arri.

Navv Bajwa’s last movie was Ishqaa (2019) opposite Payal Rajput. Kainaat Arora’s last movie was Jagga Jeonda (2018) opposite Daljeet Kalsi.

The story is of a con woman, Jasmin (Kainaat Arora). She fools a number of people which includes Upasana Singh, Anita Devgan, Neelu Kohli, Mani Boparai & Satwant Kaur. These 5 women know each other well through their kitty. They are all simple & homely. Kainaat promises all of them that their money will be doubled in a few days. All the ladies agree to invest their husband’s money in lakhs. Next, Jasmin goes away with all the money. All these 5 women make a plan to take revenge on Jasmin. They convince their husband’s to let them go on a spiritual trip in Goa where Jasmin lives.

After the 1st half, the first cabbie they meet at the airport turns out to be their acquaintance. That turns out to be Navv Bajwa. He drives them around Goa & also arranges their food & stay. He helps them find a mafia guy (Rana Ranbir) who takes it upon himself to help the women. Everything now seems normal until their husband’s also plan a holiday trip to Goa. All men & women form a team to fool the con woman into becoming the lead actress of their movie & pay them in return. Thus mission accomplished.

Audience has liked the movie. Especially, Gurpreet Ghuggi’s performance has been loved the most. Audience have nearly given full marks to the movie. The screenplay & direction of the movie is good. Credit must go to Navv Bajwa. The story of the movie is not that strong.

Viewing the movie you wonder who is being made more stupid, those 5 women or the audience.

You will not relate to any of the characters neither feel convinced with their simplicity.

With so many comic artists in the movie it is sure to be a laughter ride & comedy punches. But, it will disappoint you in that matter. Overall, no one has acted properly or are either overacting.

The climax leads to a happy ending just when you feel sad & let down. If you manage to laugh at some point credit will go to the language because there is nothing anyone in the movie which does make want to give them the benefit of the doubt.

You can enjoy the trailer of Kitty Party Movie again:

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