Lukan Michi trailer too much creating confusion

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Lukan Michi’s trailer has been released. Let us review it. Lukan Michi in English means Hide & Seek. The story also plays hide & seek with us.

We used to play lukan michi a lot when we were small. Preet Harpal & Mandy Takhar are in the lead roles.

Trailer of Lukan Michi

Lukan Michi Trailer Review

The story of the movie is about Preet Harpal who wants to marry Mandy Takhar. Preet’s elder brother Guggu Gill isn’t yet married so he can’t marry her yet. Also, Guggu Gill is against getting married. He isn’t married due to his old rivalry with Yograj Singh. Yograj is also finding a suitable match for his young daughter. Maybe in the movie, Guggu’s brother gets married to Yograj’s daughter. The story of the movie is quite twisted. Many subplots are there together in the movie. The trailer looks quite chaotic.

Pretend is looking fine in his character. Preet looks quite old if we match him with Mandy. Mandy is looking beautiful as usual. Mandy seems to have a small role as compared to other artists. Preet & Mandy are looking like a mismatch on screen.

Then in the trailer, the focus shifts to Guggu Gill & Yograj Singh’s rivalry. Then, there is low pace dialogue delivery & also heavy. The editing of the trailer is not upto the mark. When Lukan Michi’s poster came there were too many actors crowded & now the same has happened in the trailer. The trailer fails to impress.

The rest of the cast includes Amrit Aulakh, Yograj Singh, Guggu Gill, Hobby Dhaliwal, BN Sharma, Karamjit Anmol & Gurchet Chitarkar. The story of the movie has been written by Raju Verma.

It has been released under the banner of Bumbal B productions & Fame Music.

The movie will release on 10th May 2019. We’ll have to wait & see what the movie provides us with.

Details of Lukan Michi movie

Star Cast: Preet Harpal, Mandy Takhar, Amrit Aulakh, Yograj Singh, Guggu Gill, Hobby Dhaliwal, BN Sharma, Karamjit Anmol & Gurchet Chitarkar
Director: M Hundal
Producers: Avtar Singh Bal & Bikram Bal
Release Date: 10th May 2019

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