Jordan-Rubina di Gidarh Singhi Movie aaun waali hai

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Jordan Sandhu & Rubina Bajwa to pair with each other for the movie Gidarh Singhi. This would be the 1st time both are sharing screen space with each other.

Ravinder Grewal & Saanvi Dhiman will be seen as a couple in the parallel lead. The movie’s shooting has commenced.

Star cast of Gidarh Singhi Movie

The star cast includes Jordan Sandhu, Rubina Bajwa, Ravinder Grewal, Saanvi Dhiman & Karn Mehta. Jordan is enjoying the success of his latest movie Kala Shah Kala. He also has plenty of movies lined up for this year. Rubina has also started shooting of her movie Munda Hi Chahida opposite Harish Verma. Ravinder Grewal will soon be seen in a movie 15 Lakh Kadon Auga opposite Pooja Verma. Saanvi Dhiman’s 1st movie was Ranjha Refugee. Gidarh Singhi movie would be her 2nd.

Director & Producer of Gidarh Singhi Movie

The movie has been directed by Vipin Parashar. Vipin has also directed Saadey CM Saab. The movie has been produced by Abhishek Tyagi. It is being done under the banner of Dreamspark Movies.

The Story of Gidarh Singhi Movie

Gidarh Singhi means a little lump that grows on a jackal’s body. After it grows to the size of a betel nut, it sheds on its own. There are plenty of tantric applications of a Singhi, provided a good tantrik knows how to consecrate it well. It is used to fulfill materialistic goals, cure diseases & hypnotize or mesmerize people. It can also be used in black magic to inflict harm or injury. If you put a genuine singhi in vermillion powder, the hair on it continues to grow steadily & you have to add to the vermillion powder every few weeks to keep it effective. Even though it is a dead lump, it consumes the powder. Will this have any relation to the film?

In the Poster of Gidarh Singhi Movie

In the poster of Gidarh Singhi Movie, Gidarh Singhi is written in the center with many type of vegetables shown in down left & right corners of the poster.

Release Date of Gidarh Singhi Movie

This movie will release sometime in 2019.

Details of Gidarh Singh Movie

Star cast: Jordan Sandhu, Rubina Bajwa, Ravinder Grewal, Saanvi Dhiman & Karn Mehta.
Director: Vipin Parashar
Producers: Abhishek Tyagi
Release Date: Sometime in 2019

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