As more & more Punjabi movies are being released it is time for another movie trailer. The movie we are talking about is Chal Mera Putt. Chal Mera Putt hopes to be a full on comedy movie. This movie stars Amrinder Gill, Simi Chahal, Iftikhar Thakur, Nasir Chinyoti, Akram Udas, Hardeep Gill & Gurshabad.

Janjot Singh has directed the movie. Karaj Gill & Ashu Munish Sahni have produced the movie.

Chal Mera Putt Trailer Recap:

In the trailer, the opening scene shows Amrinder & his friend working in a construction building in England. Hardeep Gill has been shown as Amrinder’s Uncle. Hardeep wants Amrinder to sing a song to which he says today he is in no mood to sing to which he gives him a warning. Nasir is mopping floors in the kitchen of a restaurant talking on the phone to someone. Both Nasir & Akram are shown together as a pair making us laugh. Iftikhar is looking very funny standing as a statue whole body from head to toe in golden paint. Simi Chahal’s 1st scene is shown sitting in a car offering a lift to Amrinder who is running on the road. Then, there is a raid of police in Hardeep’s house. Amrinder asks for a house to live into Iftikhar who lends him a house.

There is a discussion on who will first go to the bathroom between Amrinder & Iftikhar. Iftikhar also asks Amrinder about the monthly rent. Nasir & Akram ask Iftikhar how did he get his job here? Akram wants to send some money to Punjab. Amrinder asks how much to which Akram replies 20 pounds to which Gurshabad taunts him to keep gun men with himself as you have so much money. Gurshabad asks Akram that is the washing machine free to which Akram replies no there is an animal (dangar) in the machine. Nasir & Akram go out for shopping to buy a girl to which Akram says you are again & again just watching mannequins to which Akram says choose that one who is pretty tall as we have no one tall in the house. Simi asks Amrinder what does he want to say to her? Amrinder is very hesitant in answering but asks for 2,000 pounds to which Simi is left surprised. Then there are some enjoyable scenes in the trailer. At the end of the trailer, Amrinder is shown getting arrested. Hardeep, Simi & Akram are shown crying in respective scenes.

The movie is being under the banner of Rhythm Boyz Entertainment, Gill’z Network, Omjee Star Studios & 2020 Film Production.

Do enjoy the trailer of Chal Mera Putt movie:

Chal Mera Putt will release on 26th July 2019.

Details of Chal Mera Putt movie

Star Cast: Amrinder Gill, Simi Chahal, Iftikhar Thakur, Nasir Chinyoti, Akram Udas, Hardeep Gill & Gurshabad
Director: Janjot Singh
Producers: Karaj Gill & Munish Sahni
Release Date: 26th July 2019

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