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BandVaaje movie official poster

Band Vaaje promises to be a big comedy. Band Vaaje’s movie trailer is out. Binnu Dhillon falls in love with a girl from Pakistan in London. How Binnu goes forward with this love story? Binnu has a bag of lies with which he moves ahead with his love story.

The trailer has comedy but it seems to be lacking many things. Many of director Smeep Kang’s blend of confusion & comedy. Mandy Takhar looks alluring. Will she get enough screen space? The love story of Binnu & Mandy couldn’t get enough scenes in the trailer.

Band Vaaje Trailer Review

At the start of the trailer, Binnu Dhillon & Nirmal Rishi are arguing about the girl Binnu wants to marry. She is from Pakistan. To this, Nirmal Ji abruptly refuses that no Pakistani girl would come in this house as a bride. Binnu is left mummed.

In the next scene, Nirmal Ji, comes out of the car being driven by Smeep Kang. Gurpreet Ghuggi is standing outside the car. He has an argument about India-Pakistan on the topic of cricket with Nirmal Ji. Smeep says to Ghuggi ‘eh kareya fadd ja paande’ch vadd’.

Binnu Dhillon is opening microwave & he gets an electric shock. Ghuggi comes with a stick in hand & hits it on Binnu’s hands. Even, Ghuggi gets the shock.

Smeep says we want that bride which is sophisticated, knows how to cook & do other household activities. Ghuggi says you want a ‘sanskari Angelina Jolie’ type girl. Binnu says that type of girl ‘can be only made by order’. Then comes the 1st look of Mandy Takhar.

Next is a funny scene in which Jaswinder Bhalla slaps a man sitting at the breakfast table & that slap is revolved round the table. Bhalla is arguing with a lady(probably his wife) about having a servant in London. She says that her grandfather had also kept you as a servant.

Mandy asks Binnu that will he be making karela’s? To which Binnu responds that yes as he is the servant of the house he will make it.

Binnu asks Bhalla’s wife that what would she like to have in dinner? Binnu loses his balance & goes down straight on the lady’s lap. Bhalla comes & taunts you should continue this love affair. Bhalla says that he’ll make for them milk with dates.

Binnu is romancing with Mandy on the streets with balloons in hand. They can also be seen dancing. Binnu comes to Bhalla for Mandy’s hand. Bhalla says she is the daughter of my friend. Bhalla says she has come from Punjab. To which Binnu says ok this means she has come here to Punjab on student’s visa. To which Bhalla says she has come from Punjab but not this Punjab. This means he is referring to Pakistan.

Now, Binnu is worried about his marriage. He discusses it with Ghuggi. Ghuggi says you are very stubborn. Now, Binnu thinks of some tricks to marry Mandy.

Binnu & his relatives come to Mandy’s house. Mandy’s mother says yes to the relation. Mandy’s mother says to Bhalla ‘Bajwa Bhaisaab’. Bhalla says his full name is ‘Bajwa Bhaisaab Jharkahanda’ ne.

A girl comes up to Ghuggi to ask him a medical related question. Ghuggi had said he is a medical topper to which that girl came. She asks what to do when during surgery anesthesia’s impact is no more on the patient? Now, Ghuggi says a surgeon can do nothing then it is only God that can do anything then.

Bhalla’s son asks something from his father in a very unique style to which Bhalla replies funnily.

At the end of the trailer, Binnu claims to Bhalla & Ghuggi urges them to hit him with a vase. Bhalla repays with a knock on his head. Bhalla’s so called wife comes to the room where Binnu is laying & asks ‘aa ki ho gaya aa ki ho gaya?’. To this Ghuggi says stop doing giddha, can’t you say a man laying unconscious.

Band Vaaje Starcast

The star cast of the movie is Binnu Dhillon, Mandy Takhar, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Jaswinder Bhalla, Smeep Kang, Nirmal Rishi etc. Ghuggi has a strange accent the way he did in Munde UK De. Nirmal Rishi, Jaswinder Bhalla & Smeep Kang have already done these kinds of roles before. After Kala Shah Kala, expectations were high from him. Mandy’s last movie was Khido Khundi(2018). Band Vaaje movie’s story is somewhat similar to that of Laavaan Phere & Carry On Jatta 2. It looks a bit repetitive.

The story & screenplay of Band Vaaje has been done by Vaibhav-Shreya. The movie has been directed by Smeep Kang. Smeep Kang has directed movies like Carry on Jatta, Carry On Jatta 2, Laavan Phere & Vadhayiyaan Ji Vadhayiyaan. The movie has been produced by Jatinder Shah, Pooja Gujral, Atul Bhalla & Amit Bhalla. The movie will be released under the banner of Shah An Shah Pictures & A&A Advisors. In association with Rising Star Entertainment INC.

Details of Band Vaaje Movie

Star Cast: Binnu Dhillon, Mandy Takhar, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Jaswinder Bhalla, Smeep Kang, Nirmal Rishi etc.
Director: Smeep Kang
Producers: Jatinder Shah, Pooja Gujral, Atul Bhalla & Amit Bhalla
Release Date: 15th March 2019

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