Ammy & Sonam is waiting for Upcoming Punjabi Movie Muklawa

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Muklawa 2019 Punjabi Movie

Ammy Virk & Sonam Bajwa are out with their new & upcoming release named Muklawa. Muklawa means that a bride is being sent to her husband’s home after marriage.

Ammy’s last movie was the hit Qismat(2018) along with Sargun Mehta. Last, he also had a special appearance in the movie Aate Di Chidi (2018). Sonam’s last movie was Guddiyan Patole(2019) opposite Gurnam Bhullar.

The tagline of the trailer is ‘Ever struggled to meet your own wife, welcome to the world of Muklawa’.

In the trailer, Ammy(Shinda) wants to get in a white fiat in which his brother & his sister-in-law are going after marriage. But, he gets kicked out of the car & here he gets irritated. To this, Rupinder Rupi says he will get his ‘muklawa’ after 1 year. Then, we see the introduction of Ghuggi with his family on a scooter. Ammy plays many tricks to meet Sonam(Taaro). In one scene, he is holding Nirmal Rishi’s hand with his eyes closed thinking that he’s holding Sonam’s hand. He gets a tight slap from her. Finally, in one scene Ammy & Sonam are face to face. Sonam asks who he is to which she gets a reply that he is her sister’s brother-in-law. To this, Sonam starts fretting. Then, there are some romantic scenes between the 2.

Then, comes a twist. Sonam’s father says that forget about younger daughter he won’t give muklawa even to her elder daughter due to some hatred or some other reason. Then, there are some sad scenes of Ammy & Sonam respectively. Finally, Ammy is full of confidence that he will get muklawa. Will, they finally meet is to be seen?

The movie also stars Gurpreet Ghuggi, BN Sharma, Karamjit Anmol, Sarabjit Cheema, Dristhii Garewal, Nirmal Rishi, etc.

The movie has been directed by Simerjit Singh. The movie has been produced by Gunbir Singh Sidhu & Manmord Sidhu.

The movie’s worldwide release is by White Hill Studios in association with Grey Slate Pictures.

If you haven’t checked the trailer of Muklawa movie, do click here:

The movie releases on 24th May 2019. The same day another awaited movie is coming titled ‘Chandigarh Amritsar Chandigarh’ releases. You can decide for yourself which movie you want to see?

Details of the Muklawa movie

Star Cast: Ammy Virk, Sonam Bajwa, Gurpreet Ghuggi, BN Sharma, Karamjit Anmol, Sarabjit Cheema, Dristhii Garewal, Nirmal Rishi, etc
Director: Simerjit Singh
Producers: Gunbir Singh Sidhu & Manmord Sidhu
Release Date: 24th May 2019

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