A Powerful Jam Packed DSP Dev Trailer

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What a trailer to say the least. Yes, we are talking about DSP Dev movie. DSP Dev stars Dev Kharoud, Manav Vij & Mehreen Pirzada in main roles. Dev is looking very impressive in the trailer. It has been a golden era for Dev ever since he arrived in Pollywood. He is considered as the angry young man of Pollywood. Manav Vij is doing the role of the villain.

The tag line of the trailer is ‘Meet the one man army who fears no one’. At the starting of the trailer, Dev says a line ‘that he has not joined the police to end crime, he has joined the police to end criminals. Nor do I get scared neither do I file a report I just do game over’. Then there is a scene where Dev is flirting with Mehreen. Mehreen says Dev would you forget me one day to which Dev says no he is just going to Ferozpur. She says whenever she will miss Dev she would hug his shirt & remember him. Then there is a murder which happens. That is termed as cold-blooded murder. Manav Vij is shown as the king of the border area. A politician says to DSP Dev on the phone that he is just nothing, his medals are nothing in front of him. Now, at Ferozpur it will be a law that prevails not the gangsters because DSP Dev is here. Manav says that in today’s world there is no place for the devil & the angel. Mehreen says to Dev that her family is a family of sacrifices & in our family, there is no place for such a corrupt person like Dev. Then, there is a scene in which Dev salutes the picture of his senior as it seems. Dev says when the police come to its real level then the police would end the hooliganism by doing encounters & the files are closed. Dev questions to another officer from where does this illegal things coming from to which he replies Daulatpur. Manav tries to scare a lady by barking on her. Then, Dev warns Manav & Manav is also telling his friend about politics that don’t be afraid otherwise you can never become an MP. Dev is singing funny boliyan(a type of Punjabi song) with his felllow police counterparts. The trailer ends with Manav saying to a person rest in peace & then shooting him.

This movie is presented by the makers of Rupinder Gandhi, Rupinder Gandhi 2, Dakuaan Da Munda & Kaka Ji.

Mandeep Benipal has directed the movie. Ravneet Kaur Chahal, Rajesh Kumar, Gunbir Singh Sidhu & Manmord Sidhu have produced the movie. Dream Reality Films & White Hill Studios have made this movie. White Hill Studios has done the worldwide distribution for the movie. The movie also stars Aman Dhaliwal, Girija Shankar, Nita Mohindra, Shavinder Mahal, Mahavir Bhullar & Tarsem Paul.

Do watch this power-packed trailer of DSP Dev:

The movie will release on 5th July 2019.

Details of DSP Dev Movie

Star Cast: Dev Kharoud, Manav Vij, Mehreen Pirzada, Aman Dhaliwal, Girija Shankar, Nita Mohindra, Shavinder Mahal, Mahavir Bhullar & Tarsem Paul
Director: Mandeep Benipal
Producers: Ravneet Kaur Chahal, Rajesh Kumar, Gunbir Singh Sidhu & Manmord Sidhu
Release Date: 5th July 2019

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