5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Aate Di Chidi

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5 reasons to watch Aate-Di-Chidi movie release date

Pollywood queen Neeru Bajwa and Amrit Mann starrer upcoming Punjabi film Aate Di Chidi, directed by Harry Bhatti. The movie will be released on 19th October 2018. We’re sharing the best 5 reasons why you must watch Punjabi movie Aate Di Chidi.

5 reasons to watch Aate Di Chidi

5 reasons to watch Aate-Di-Chidi movie release date
The movie will be releasing on 19th October 2018.

1. Story

The name of the movie is very different. In this movie, it shows that time when children wanted to listen to Aate di chidi story from their grandparents which shows our Punjabi culture & heritage. As it has been shown that Sardar Sohi’s grandson wants to listen to the story from Sohi. As we know many Punjabi’s who have settled in foreign countries, they still have to face many difficulties. Like some Punjabi’s have to prepare food for them by themselves as has been shown by Amrit Maan as they wouldn’t have done in Punjab. Sardar Sohi, who has come to Canada leaving Punjab misses Punjab & especially the Punjabi food. It is very difficult to give installments abroad for cars as it is shown in one scene by Neeru Bajwa. This movie shows our Punjabi culture & love for Punjab.

2. Harry Bhatti

Harry Bhatti has already directed super hit movies like ‘Rabb Da Radio’ & ‘Sardar Mohammed’ that ’s why we would be eagerly waiting for his 3rd movie. That is another reason why you must watch the movie.

3. Neeru Bajwa

Doha Without a doubt, the other reason to watch Aate Di Chidi is Neeru Bajwa. Whichever movie she does she holds the limelight. Neeru has always been a very crafty actress. Neeru has won the PTC Punjabi Film Award for best actress 3 times & PTC  Punjabi critic award for best actress once in the inaugral edition of PTC Punjabi Film Awards in 2011. Neeru’s last movie was the 2016 Sardaarji opposite Diljit & Dosanjh.

4. Nirmal Rishi & Sardar Sohi

Both Nirmal Rishi & Sardar Sohi are looking well in the roles in the trailer. Fans of Nirmal Rishi’s timing & Sohi’s caliber must watch this movie. Nirmal Rishi’s last movie was the super hit ‘Parahune’. Sardar Sohi’s last movie also ‘Parahune’. Sardar Sohi has also won 2 times PTC Punjabi Award but that is for besr actor in a negative role.

5. Veteran actors

When you have veteran artists as Gurpreet Ghuggi & B.N. Sharma you are sure to enjoy with laughter. You will get your money’s worth once they are on the screen & even more so when both share the screen together. Gurpreet Ghuggi’s last movie was ‘Son of Manjeet Singh’. B.N.Sharma’s last movie was the super hit ‘Mar Gayr O Loko’.

Bonus Karamjit Anmol factor in Aate Di Chidi

Karamjit Anmol is another big reason not to miss the movie. The different type of roles he does in his every film is quite amazing. He also does not let go his comedy touch. Karamjit Anmol’s last movie was 2018 super hit film ‘Afsar’. Has won awards & accolades for his performance in movies especially like ‘Vekh Barataan Chaliyaan’ & ‘Manje Bistre’.

Also, Harby Sangha’s comedy is a must watch in this movie. There are also special appearances from Ammy Virk & Rubina Bajwa. Fans of Ammy & Rubina would love to get a glimpse of their stars.


The message this movie gives is that we should love our Punjabi culture & also inculcate in our children.

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